How Tall Is Elsa

How Tall Is Elsa? Height, Size, Weight And Life History

How tall is Elsa? Elsa, the fictional character from Disney’s “Frozen,” is often depicted as tall in her animated form. In the movie, she appears to be approximately 5’7″ (170 cm) tall. This measurement is based on estimations from comparing her height to other characters in the film. However, it’s important to note that as an animated character, her exact height isn’t officially specified.

How Tall Is Elsa? Elsa height and Biography

Actual Full nameElsa of Arendelle
NicknameThe Snow Queen (because she is the protagonist of the movie)
Date of birth 22nd December 1818
Place of birthArendelle Castle, Arendelle.
NationalityThe Kingdome of Arendelle
EthnicityWhite Caucasian Decent
 ParentsFather: King Agnar and Mother: Queen Iduna
SiblingsSister: Anna, King  Runeard (parental grandfather), Queen Rita (parental grandmother), Kristoff (brother-in-law)
Marital StatusNot married
Hair colorPlatinum Blonde
Eye colorBlue
First appearanceFrozen in the year 2013
Powers and abilitySnow magic, life creation, and then cryokinesis
Age24 years as at when frozen 2 was produced
Featured films Frozen, Frozen II, and Ralph breaks the internet
Short filmsFrozen Fever, the Art of Keeping Cool, Olaf Frozen Adventure
AwardsAlliance of Women Film Journalist Award for Best Animated Female of 2013, Two Academic for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song
PetsBruni (salamander) and Nokk (water horse)

About Elsa

In the movie “Frozen,” Elsa is the daughter of Agnarr and Iduna, born on the winter solstice during an aurora borealis. At birth, she weighed around seven pounds and brought a surprise, covering the village in icy crystals due to her magical abilities.

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How Tall Is Elsa

Gifted with powers to manipulate ice and snow, Elsa initially used them to entertain her sister, Anna. However, a tragic accident caused by her uncontrollable powers led Anna to fear her sister’s abilities, driving Elsa to isolate herself to prevent harming others.

During her coronation, Elsa’s powers spiraled out of control, prompting her to flee to a distant land where she could safely explore and understand her abilities away from people she might endanger.

Eventually mastering her powers, Elsa rekindles her relationship with Anna, but her story in the film is rich with complexities that cannot be fully explored in a single day. For a deeper understanding, consider watching or downloading the film “Frozen” to delve into Elsa’s journey.

Physical Information

Currently, let’s focus on detailing the physical attributes of the Snow Queen, Elsa. This will encompass her height using various units of measurement, along with her abdomen and hip measurements, hair color, and weight. Let’s examine each of these aspects in detail.

The Height of Elsa – How tall is Elsa?

The renowned character Elsa stands at an impressive height of roughly 1.70 meters, equivalent to 5 feet 7 inches. Converted into centimeters, her height measures around 170 cm.

Her stature places her among the taller characters in the film. Elsa surpasses her sister Anna, who stands at approximately 5 feet 3 inches, yet they share a similar height to the trolls.

The tallest among the characters is Kristoff, towering at about 5 feet 10 inches.

Size of Abdomen, Hip, and Bra

The body measurements mentioned earlier are approximate estimations; precise measurements aren’t explicitly provided. However, it’s suggested that Elsa has an estimated waist measurement of around 23 inches and a hip measurement of approximately 35 inches.

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What about her weight?

As mentioned earlier, Elsa weighs approximately 54 kg, i.e. approximately 119 pounds.

A Couple of things About Elsa

  • Elsa was recognized as the most influential fictional character by “Time Magazine” in 2014.
  • Despite her seclusion in her bedroom, Elsa indulged in every triple-double-fudge sundae she desired.
  • She made minor appearances at the end of season three of the ABC show “Once Upon a Time” and had a more prominent role in almost half of the fourth season.
  • Elsa is depicted as a reserved figure, capable of sitting for hours without entertainment.
  • Her relationship with her sister Anna mirrors the filmmakers’ family dynamic.
  • The birthdays of Elsa and Anna hold significance, with Elsa born in winter and Anna in summer.
  • Elsa’s distinctive features include her Nordic appearance, red cheeks, pink lips, fair skin, and a subtle hint of freckles.
  • Elsa struggles to control her emotions, leading to nightmares; at the age of eight, she inadvertently froze the landscape due to a nightmare.
  • Upon being crowned Queen of Arendelle, Elsa established and maintained a strict calendar managed by Gerda.

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